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The Key To Unlocking Low-Code
Transformation At Scale.

Unlock your low-code development strategy authentically.

Define Strategy

What comes first will always be strategy grounded in programs thought leaders create and conduct.

Build Programs

More clients will run through the program and enter longer term partnerships and more program offerings.

Scale To Enterprise

Accelerate independent co-innovation of new low-code business apps across citizen developer and professional developer roles.


What To Expect From Your 45 Day Accelerator.

Connecting strategy and innovation with technology and process. Our methodology will help you become architects around innovation, design thinking, and low code transformation.


"  This program provided a personalized experience that also included 1:1 coaching that helped our team hone in and develop distinctions as an innovation leaders

"  Our development team can now develop applications completely autonomously.

"  Our development team can now develop applications completely autonomously.


Your Low-Code Timeline.


• High level understanding
• Kick-off and key milestones
• Identify key low-code challenges
• Identify desirable outcomes
• Build a stakeholder map
• Define success criteria
• Interview executive sponsors


• Interview key stakeholders
• Gather data for assessment
• Understand “readiness” level
• Understand “driving factors”
• Tech and tools landscape
• Skillset and roles
• Design sprint innovation


• Document ROI and outcomes
• Build roadmap and strategic plan
• Present roadmap
• 6 or 12 months timeline
• Governance & operational plan
• Answering how we operate


• Build initial low-code MVP
• Start putting practice in place
• Coaching, mentoring, development
• Application


Our Transformation X-Factor

Undertaking a low-code transformation can be a challenging task for any company. Our program offers a unique and unmatched experience to guide you on the journey to low-code mastery.

Technology is important, but bringing the right mix of people, process, and technology is where we achieve our greatest outcomes.

Although low code is a new technology and form of innovation that requires a conceptual understanding of how to maneuver through it, culture cannot be overlooked.

In order to truly maximize the benefit of low code, we have to transform our people and processes within our culture to bring teams together.

“Low Code is not here to replace developers or engineers. Low code is here to simplify workflows and maximize output and outcomes.

In order to achieve a state of more independence, autonomy, and flexibility, we need to start training our mindset to think differently in how we can apply the skills of low code to the organization.”


Master Low-Code Design, Strategy and Development.

30-45 day program that creates more independence, autonomy, and flexibility.

spend your resources
in the most effective way possible.

The power of threes, important copy goes here.

Throughout the program, Digital FastForward’s team will work hand-in-hand with your team to identify the top low-code use cases, co-create low-code prototypes, and build out your quick-wins roadmap for low-code deployments.

This program is strategically engineered to help you build the right practices and change management needed to master your low-code journey.

Industry-Specific Experts
Hands-On Collaboration
Highly Personalized Approach
Empower Your Team

Take The Lead And Turn Your Organization Into A Leader In Innovation

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